Friday, May 6, 2011


Sexual Bar
The Food Baby bottom line:
  • This place just screams SEXY!
  • Seriously perfect sashimi and creative sushi rolls
  • Is 30 dollars a lot for lunch?

Brianna and I had a Food Baby Meeting of the Minds at Enso last week. We're thinking about redesigning the site (sweet!) and had a brainstorming sesh. Sushi seemed necessary.

Enso is located at the ground level of the Epicentre, and when we arrived at 11:30 AM the lunch crowd had yet to show up. Enso has the kind of ridiculously sexy interior that I love.

Monday, May 2, 2011


  • Come for the amazing décor, excellent service and views…
  • …stay for the apps and Italian wines/cocktails…
  • …but don’t stay for entrees… 
Vivace has been on my list of places to dine for some time now.  I had been for apps and drinks on their gorgeous patio, but never for a full-on dinner situation.  The reason I waited so long to come for dinner is that frahhnkly I’d heard some less than flattering reviews.  The general consensus among my foodie friends is that Vivace is the perfect spot for cocktails and apps, but that the mains are seriously underwhelming.  The online reviews are mixed – Helen Schwab didn’t love the food (see review here), however in response to her write-up some Vivace-loyalists accused her of confusing the place with Olive Garden and were calling for her resignation.  Way harsh guys...  After some first hand investigation, I regret to say that I must side with Helen and with my foodie friends.