Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kabob Grill

The Food Baby bottom line:

  • I’d like to be a “lady who lunches”
  • Kabob Grill has delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine
  • I love pretty much anything involving meat on a stick

After an epic lunch with my husband at Kabob Grill on East Blvd a few weeks ago (there was lamb involved), I smugly bragged to Lauren about my impressive Mediterranean Food Baby.  I think she was pretty J, but also excited to try it for herself.  We promptly made a lunch date for the following week for a decadent Club-Med style lunch experience. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Food Baby Bottom Line:
  • OMB is a fun place to party and has delicious beer!
  • Living Social puts together a super fun and well organized event.
  • The food samples, while delicious, were a bit too miniature for me (aka, I'm fat).
On Saturday, October 29 the hubby and I decided to start our day of Halloween celebrations off with some food trucks and day drinking at Old Mecklenburg Brewery. We purchased a Living Social Adventure package, which included a beer flight plus two pints, samples from three food trucks, and a variety of fun activities like cornhole, pie eating, etc. The Living Social deal was a $49 dollar ticket for $25...which is an amazing deal - not that our slow asses would know. We missed the deadline for the coupon (guh) but decided to go ahead and buy the tix anyways. I'm a fan of OMB beer, and I always want to check out Charlotte food trucks (because sadly there are so few!).