Monday, January 21, 2013

Roots Sausage Class

Be honest - how does this make you feel?
DISCLAIMER: If you are yakked out by gratuitous pics of raw meat, and/or are offended by adolescent jokes about “sausage”, you may choose to stop reading now.

However, if you are mildly titillated by handling locally raised cuts….if dry curing gives you weird new emotions….if you agree the scent of a sizzling homemade sausage patty is nothing short of godlike…then this is the post for you. Come in, kindred spirit!

Brianna and I took the Roots Sausage and Charcuterie class this week. As true meatatarians (let me remind you my dog’s name is Bacon) and local food groupies, this class was not to be missed.
A full run-down on Roots is a post in itself…I hope it will be one day soon. To summarize: local food advocates, redonk food truck, and they host some legit cooking classes, like this one.
The class was small (eight people) and held in Roots’ industrial kitchen facility. This class was a true hands-on experience.  After an intro to the recipes, we were broken into smaller groups and each assigned a sausage. Bri and I obviously pounced on the Lamb Belly Pancetta and Mexican Chorizo, while other groups took the Lamb Merguez and Chicken Andouille.  
Beautiful Herbs and Spices from Savory Spice Shop
Chef Craig presented us with our lamb bellies, sourced from Windy Hill Farm in New London, NC. After cleaning the luscious bellies (which included plucking some errant wool), I sent pics to my husband. He falls into the category of those not jazzed by raw meat. See text exchange:
He's not into it.

...however, we clearly are.

Brianna mixed the perfect blend of curing salt, herbs, spices, and garlic...and we massaged those bellies as if we were rubbing baby oil on Ryan Gosling’s abs!

Can't process these feelings

The bellies then were swept away by Craig to hang for two weeks.
Next: On to Chorizo. Our task was to butcher 4 lbs of gorgeous pork shoulder in to cubes, heavily season the cubes, grind those tasty nuggets, and form into sexy patties. 

FB Profile Pic?

This is when the wine came out. Two bottles for eight people. Clearly they didn’t know The Food Babies were coming. We still managed to get a quick buzz, and the sausage innuendos began flying out. Mostly from us, but our classmates joined in, and we were happy. Sausage unites people.
Check our end result: WOW. So fresh, so boldly seasoned, so savory. What an incredible pu pu platter of unadulterated meatiness! I probably don't have to tell you that our sausage was worlds apart from any standard restaurant or grocery store fare. Worth the sore arm. (grinding = stren)

I initially scoffed at the obligatory salad, but was quite thankful for it as I shamelessly tore through four patties and a link.

Roadie Patties
Sausage class = raving success! I will say it's a bit pricey (although we got a deal, which are often available), but totes worth it for the completely hands-on experience and superior ingredients.

Plus, I managed to get through this post without repeating a single disgusting sausage joke from the evening! Though I will toss you a hint about my favorite one, which may or may not have involved the word “tailgate.”


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  1. I was expecting more adolescent sausage jokes... Looks like fun!

  2. Chef Craig knows his stuff! Super knowledgable and friendly. His food rocks too!!