What is a Food Baby?

The Food Baby is a phenomenon that all food-lovers are familiar with.  At the very surface, a food baby is when you eat a large enough quantity to make a visible difference in the size and shape of your stomach.  For women especially, the belly can protrude so much as to be mistaken for being with child.

There is more to a food baby than just size.  Food babies can be acquired in a variety of ways, and once acquired, each can behave very differently.   How the food baby is acquired is of utmost importance in the overall food baby experience.  Several factors influence each food baby, in addition to quantity consumed: the type of food eaten, the accompanying alcohol consumed, the time of day, overall mood and disposition during the meal, and many others.

Having a food baby can become a very philosophical experience for some. Certain food babies make you feel smug, others make you feel sad. For instance, a food baby acquired at a prime steakhouse from a perfect filet and amazing bottle of wine is something to be smug about.  Especially if you put it on the corporate card.  Conversely, a food baby acquired by eating two double whoppers at 2:00 AM on your kitchen floor will make you feel sad.  You may wake up in the morning with a protruding abdomen and a mushroom cloud of shame over you.  Not all food baby experiences are this extreme – they fall all along the spectrum of emotions.

At thefoodbaby.com, we are two ladies in pursuit of the highest quality food babies.  Our passions include pursuing unique culinary experiences, advocating for local and sustainable ingredients and pairing these delicious bites with the most amazing wines and cocktails.  Trust me, we are not above the late-night pizza binge, or checking out new fast food items, or eating at Panera nearly every day at work (it’s true).  You’ll hear about all of our food babies – good, bad and ugly.  By documenting our culinary adventures, we hope that you can garner an appreciation for the phenomenon that is the food baby.