Friday, January 28, 2011

Indian Food Baby/Foodie Call Bottom Line:

  • Foodie Call = best thing since sliced bread.
  • Cave time is the best time.
  • Did I really say that vegetarian dishes are delicious?  Seems to be counter to my meat-loving nature...
So tonight me and the hubs decided to cave up (meaning we put on PJs, dimmed the lights and...ordered some food and watched How I Met Your Mother).  Nothing better after a long week, right?  To start, I must tell you about a fairly recent discovery that has truly changed my life - FOODIE CALL.  Foodie Call is a food delivery service that delivers from an impressive array of local restaurants.  In my experience, they are always on time, the food is always hot and the order is always correct.  They will also deliver beer and wine, which I know will come in handy some day!  We LOVE Foodie Call.  Foodie Call has changed my life.  Did I mention how great Foodie Call is?    

After some debate (sushi from Press? apps from Sonoma?), we went with an old standby - Maharani.  Maharani has absolutely delicious Indian food.  We ordered the Vegetarian Samosa appetizer to share -  two deep fried, savory pastries stuffed with mashed potatoes, green peas and spices.  The Samosa dough was tender, yet crispy and the filling was flavorful.  The hubs had the Boti Kebab for his entree - marinated lamb that is cooked in the tandoori oven.  I didn't get a bite, which is usually a strong indicator that he really likes something.  I had the Mixed Tandoori appetizer, which has a variety of marinated chicken and lamb morsels.  I also ordered the Bhindi Masala - okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices.  The tandoori dish was incredibly tasty (and healthy!) and the vegetarian dish was to die for.  Admittedly, not every one likes okra.  However if you are a fan like myself, and you don't mind a bit of spice, I would definitely recommend the Bhindi Masala.  As usual, Maharani delivered a scrumptious meal and Foodie Call served it up hot and on time.  

Now...back to the cave!

- Brianna
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