Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pinky's Westside Grill

thefoodbaby bottom line:
  • Super fun and funky atmosphere and wait staff
  • The White Trash Burger might be the perfect hangover food
  • Amazingly affordable!

The food bender continues. I met the seriously fabulous ladies from my book club at Pinky's Westside Grill for brunch today. I was nervous about how this meal might go down, as I was still sporting a Morning After Food Baby from the previous evening. However, I was able to enjoy a delicious and artery-clogging meal without incident!

We started with bloody marys and crab puppies - deep fried balls of crab-cakey goodness. Delish. After indecisively staring at the menu for a while, I finally asked our blue-haired waiter what the best thing on the menu is. Without hesitation, he said "the White Trash Burger". Yep, that's happening.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the White Trash Burger:

A juicy five-ounce burger with provolone, fried pickles & onion rings and spicy ranch sauce.

This burger is just pure insanity. If you ever catch me complaining about being fat, please remind me that I consumed this monstrosity. It was seriously good. The fried pickles were my favorite part, but overall this burger was juicy and well seasoned and just brimming with fried goodness. I wolfed this thing down in about three bites, and my side salad sat virtually untouched.

Pinky's is just a really cool place in general - I loved the funky vibe, and the wait staff was really cool and fun. One waitress (not ours) overheard me stating that I was hungover and that a White Trash Burger seemed necessary, and she later came back to ask how my burger was treating me. I simply grunted through my mouthful and gave a resounding thumbs up. And by the WTB was only $4.50....seriously?! Go check this place out - Pinky's rocks.

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  1. Looks nice and fattening! Greasy.