Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kabob Grill

The Food Baby bottom line:

  • I’d like to be a “lady who lunches”
  • Kabob Grill has delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine
  • I love pretty much anything involving meat on a stick

After an epic lunch with my husband at Kabob Grill on East Blvd a few weeks ago (there was lamb involved), I smugly bragged to Lauren about my impressive Mediterranean Food Baby.  I think she was pretty J, but also excited to try it for herself.  We promptly made a lunch date for the following week for a decadent Club-Med style lunch experience. 

We headed over for an early weekday lunch – very much a luxury in our line of work.  I had already decided on my order – Two Skewers and Two Sides – a great deal at $10.99.  I went with two chicken skewers, which were tender and full of flavor.  For my sides I did the Baba Ghanoush and the Omar’s Salad.  The Baba Ghanoush was awesome – smoky eggplant accented with spices and olive oil.  The Omar’s Salad is a mixture of veggies dressed with parsley, mint, lemon juice and olive oil.  It was light and tangy and perfect.  As an aside, I really loved mixing all the components on my plate to create different bites.  I also loved the picked vegetables served on the side – a nice hit of acidity for said bites!

Lauren went with the same dish, however she mixed it up with one beef skewer and one kafta skewer.  The beef was perfectly cooked and really tasty.  The kafta (a blend of ground beef, spices, parsley and onion) was also delish.  We swapped and compared our various meats and the verdict was that I favored the chicken while Lauren’s fave was the kafta.  The beef was a close runner up in either case.  Her sides were both excellent as well – Potato Harra and Hummus.  Yum.

Before returning to the office, we also sampled the Turkish coffee, which is somewhat like diesel fuel (in a good way).  They can sweeten if for you, or you can choose to add sugar on your own.  The coffee is infused with cardamom, which gives it a gingery smell and taste.  One shot of the Turkish coffee, and I was ready to run a marathon/reorganize my garage/do other really ambitious things that I’m in no way capable of doing.  We were also treated to some complimentary baklava made with pine nuts and honey, which was a perfect end to our meal. 

I considered this lunch a huge success – for $10.99 we acquired more than adequate Food Babies, but did not feel sluggish or comatose after.  More than anything, we felt smug about our new Mediterranean way of living and eating (i.e., eating away from the office and having healthy, “real” food).  My only regret as I write this is that I can’t do it every day!  Time for an uptown Kabob Grill, please!  

- Brianna

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  1. KG is one of our faves. Glad you like... and they are actually working on opening a Kabob Grill-esque place uptown (in fact, they may be open already)! They let me sneak a peak at the menu... looks delish!