Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Food Baby Bottom Line:
  • OMB is a fun place to party and has delicious beer!
  • Living Social puts together a super fun and well organized event.
  • The food samples, while delicious, were a bit too miniature for me (aka, I'm fat).
On Saturday, October 29 the hubby and I decided to start our day of Halloween celebrations off with some food trucks and day drinking at Old Mecklenburg Brewery. We purchased a Living Social Adventure package, which included a beer flight plus two pints, samples from three food trucks, and a variety of fun activities like cornhole, pie eating, etc. The Living Social deal was a $49 dollar ticket for $25...which is an amazing deal - not that our slow asses would know. We missed the deadline for the coupon (guh) but decided to go ahead and buy the tix anyways. I'm a fan of OMB beer, and I always want to check out Charlotte food trucks (because sadly there are so few!).

The event was super chill and an excellent time. Allow me to walk you through a photo montage of the fun:

Immediately upon arrival, we sprinted toward the bar for our beer flight. Pictured in order: Captain Jack (Summer seasonal), Mecktoberfest (Fall seasonal), and Copper...which I enjoy on occasion at Mac's. Sweet.


Our first food sample was from Maki Taco, which I have been dying to try for a while now. Our sample was tasty - chicken and an Asian slaw on a "tortilla chip" as my husband called it. I think it was more of a wonton chip actually. It was good as-is, but was much improved by a splash of spicy sriracha sauce.

We took a little cornhole break, tournament style. Each person was allowed 8 throws in hopes of the high score. I was tipsy from my flight and a pint of Mecktoberfest, so I hit the board exactly once. Ever-talented hubby lobbed every sack perfectly on the board (of course).

More food breaks: Smoke Southern Barbeque, from which we sampled some classic pulled pork. The pork was fairly tender, and the sauce was sweet and yummy. I prefer a smokier, spicer sauce (which I expected based on the namesake), but this was decent.

Clover Joe's provided a sample of sausage and peppers that was DELICIOUS. Nothing fancy, just really strongly flavored sausage, and well seasoned onions and peppers.

We promptly returned to buy a full sized chicken cheesesteak (as the tiny sample bites were just a tease). It was good - nothing like the sausage, but did the trick. The melty cheese on top was a tad pungent (in a good way), and I only wish the sandwich had some kind of marinara dousing.


PIE EATING CONTEST. I immediately regretting not entering. 

Oh yeah! Shawn won the cornhole tourney - that talented bastard! For winning not one, but two rounds of elimination, he scored these sweet Living Social shades, and some LS gift cards.

Overall, this was incredibly fun. I will do anything to support the Charlotte food truck scene, and of course drink local beer in gorgeous fall weather. I encourage you to check out Living Social's other food-related "adventures", as this one was pretty freakin awesome!

- Lauren

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