Friday, February 4, 2011

Harvest Moon Grill Food Truck bottom line:
  • Oh how I've missed the Harvest Moon Grill during the long, cold winter
  • Pork Carnitas are good, Beef Brisket Ravioli is better
  • We heart Ariana - say hi to her for us when you hit up HMG FT

Brianna and I were delighted when we learned that the Harvest Moon Grille Food Truck would be BACK on Thursday!  I adore stopping by on my lunch break to see what delicious pork pleasures they have to offer.

Harvest Moon Grill is a beautiful byproduct of Grateful Growers farm, which is located in Lincoln, NC and cultivates a variety of products, most exciting of which (for this porcine princess) is the pork! In addition to the food truck, there is the new "brick and mortar" Harvest Moon Grill Restaurant in the Dunhill Hotel....which I have yet to experience but plan to very soon.

On this particular Thursday, the HMG Food Truck was offering the following selections:

I want everything.

Brianna chose the pork carnitas and I had the beef brisket ravioli. Also, we both couldn't resist getting the BACON peanut brittle. Obviously.

While we waited for our lunches to come up, we chatted with the lovely Ariana. We told her about, and she told us about her transition from banking to the local food movement (very inspiring to we banker ladies) and from San Francisco to Charlotte....and I couldn't help but find her positive attitude infectious. Ariana, if you're reading this - hope to see you again soon!

HMG Truck and a smiling Ariana

Upon receiving our meals, we scurried inside to devour them. Brianna's pork carnitas were tender and yummy with the sauteed onions - our only constructive feedback was that the pork could use some more seasoning.

Brianna's Pork Carnitas

My ravioli was fantastic. The alfredo sauce was pretty perfect - creamy and a tad sweet - and the beef and collard filling was hearty and delish. Both of our lunches came with a field greens salad with a strong vinegar dressing with a touch of honey. My ravioli came with a soft yeasty roll as well...which helped as the portions were a bit small (my food baby was non-existent before the roll - and just minimal after).

Lauren's Beef Brisket Ravioli
Let's talk about the BACON peanut brittle. It was totally yummy, although both the bacon and peanut flavors were quite subtle. It tasted mostly like standard sweet toffee...although I did get one bite with a high concentration of bacon that was amazing!

If you work/live/visit uptown, go see the HMG food truck at 4th and Tryon - support local farmers and have a great lunch at the same time!


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